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Empower, Amplify, Inspire: A Boundless Journey Unfolds

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AirXone is a music technology collective based in Sri Lanka, featuring diverse musical artists, labels, and brands, to push visions into a reality.

Founded in 2019, we provide best-in-country facilitating and managing a huge range of aspects for our client’s careers, helping them to succeed in a time of change. The collective has expertise and relevant experience in several aspects such as music audio and video distribution, publishing, advanced rights management, YouTube administration, content production, marketing, and other commercial services.
The collective has formed partnerships with several streaming platforms, content delivery platforms, and distributors to deliver audio, video, and composition content through one centralized gateway, efficiently streamlining content and metadata to meet DSP's specifications, and reaching over 200 destinations. Equipped with advanced rights management, we maximize opportunities to claim uncollected royalties in 215 countries and territories worldwide, covering 65 collection societies.
Customizable access to monetization policies and operations enables full transparency, providing insights into how music grows periodically with advanced filtering features over destinations, countries, societies, periods, and content types.
Utilizing expertise in YouTube administration, audits, optimizations, design, and selection of profitable advertisers to maximize revenue opportunities, we have implement a management system to resolve complex payments for stakeholders, facilitate split options and automations, and ensure complete transparency.
A decentralized mechanism for marketing services combines deep-rooted partner relationships and local expertise with best-in-class tools and technology while implementing cutting-edge marketing strategies. Exclusive smart links seamlessly connect the audience to all platforms through a single link, while tracking audience behaviors with advanced-level real-time insights presented in a shareable format and integrated with hundreds of digital music services, enabling true control. With expertise in digital media advertising, Google Ads, and Meta Ads, AirXone achieve remarkable results at the lowest rates for projects of all sizes.
  • Creative Independency
  • Rights Management
  • Content Curation
  • Media Marketing
  • Smart Links
  • Data-driven Insights
  • Financial Tools
  • More Commercial Services

Founded in 2019

Maximizing opportunities worldwide.






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Navigating the Future: Empowering Innovation and Industry Evolution.


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