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Empowering Diverse Artists for Success in the Evolving Landscape of the Global Music Industry

About Us

AirXone is a music technology collective located in Sri Lanka with various genres of artists and labels, to push your visions into a reality.

Founded in 2019, we provide best-in-country facilitating and managing huge of aspects for our client’s careers, helping them to succeed in a time of change. The collective has the expertise and relevant experience in providing services such as music distribution and publishing, content production, marketing and promotions specialised in multiple genres of music.

Dedicated client portals, best-in-class copyright detection, content management, and access to an industry-leading platform keep you in control of your music in this new era with a dedicated client support team to help your corporate and personal goals.

AirXone maximize opportunities to monetize content across all digital platforms providing access to the technology that transparently allows you to track earnings, and keep an eye on statistics while keeping your independency.
  • Artists & Label Services
  • Digital Strategy
  • Playlisting
  • Data-driven Insights
  • Financial Tools
  • Creative Independency
  • Personalized Global Distribution

Founded in 2019

Specialized in multiple genres of music worldwide.

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Distribution & Publishing01

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Marketing & Promotion03

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Navigating the Music Scene: Empowering Innovation and Industry Evolution.

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