1 – Introduction,

This agreement is entered into between “AirXone (owned by AirXone Pvt. Ltd. and hereinafter referred to as “AirXone,” we,” “us,” “agency,” or “our”) a private and limited liability company under the law of Sri Lanka and its services users, website visitors, including and but not limited to usage of agency website(s) “airxonemusik.com” and/or “airxone.co” and/or “arxn.link” and its applications, client portal, submission forms, and any other mentioned partners websites. This agreement may be updated by the agency at any time without any notice, and a/the modified agreement shall be effective immediately after posting on the website “airxonemusik.com” and/or “airxone.co” and/or “arxn.link”.

2 – Registration,

To get accessing our services requires prior registration. Every reregistration is subject to manual approval by the agency. Website visitors are not subject to any registration to get access to our websites. While service users (the agency clients) participates, this registration requires user to submit a limited amount of personal information after their prior approval and understanding. In such cases the user agrees to participate with additional terms and conditions that vary with the services solely and privately.

3 – Intellectual Property Rights,

All of the content on the service materials, trademarks, service marks, and logos contained on the Service, or on any product are owned by or licensed to us and are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under Sri Lanka and/or the United States and if there any other foreign laws and international conventions. We reserve all rights in and to the Service and the Materials.

4 – Highlighted Images and Audio files,

All of the content on the agency site(s) is prior reviewed and approved by the agency. Such contents are exclusively licensed or owned to by the agency for any kind of usage. If you have any issue with verifying rights with the content, please mail us at “[email protected]” and or you can by visiting “open.spotify.com” and/or “music.applemusic.com” and or “youtube.com” by searching matching content. Most of our contents are subject to mentioning our names “AirXone,” “AirXone Musik,” or “airxone.co” on the verified original content page.

5 – Copyright Policy,

We respect the copyrights and intellectual property rights of others and require that the people who use our Services do the same. If you believe your work or rights have been using without permission or violated, you may notify us by sending a mail to us at “[email protected]” with the proper information. In such cases of receiving a notification that will be subject to proper research and we receive the right to disclose your contact information to third parties and or immediate deletion of the content(s) or termination of the service with the user. In some cases, this process can take up from a few business days to a few weeks.

6 – Third Party Sites,

Our service may be subject to platforms and websites operated by third parties and sites. You may be able to share data or agrees with third-party sites while with the service; however, we do not own or operate any third-party sites and we have not reviewed, and are not responsible for reviewing the terms and conditions that are applicable to your use of third-party sites.

7 – Termination,

The user receives limited rights to terminate the agreement that is vary by the service. However, in any case, the agency will receive the right to terminate the agreement made between the user, visitor, and the agency.